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DJ Snow & EDM

DJ Snow has been playing EDM since 2001. 
He actually had his own Festival in the Virgin Islands known as "Electric Life" and a series of Pool Events known as "Aqua" while living in the Caribbean. Late Night Radio actually opened for DJ Snow back in 2012 and he has played EDM shows for years all over the world--Miami, The Virgin Islands, Thailand, Cambodia, St Maartin and St Barts. DJ Snow was one of the first DJ's to bring EDM into the mainstream in the Caribbean alongside the mainstays of Soca & Reggae. 


Below is a sample of a mix from 2017 and we will be adding
more samples as soon as we can! Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 8.34.34 PM.png

Does your venue have a pool?
DJ Snow knows where to find the best, most personable, most beautiful
Mermaid Models to make your pool have an over the top atmosphere!

An incredible surprise for your guests where you can also take amazing photos for them to remember your party!

Talented, realistic & professional these are much more than models,
you will swear they are the real thing. 

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