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In response to the Covid Virus Outbreak, we would like to reassure all our customers who have booked with us, letting them know that we are fully operational and on schedule for ALL upcoming events at this time. If your event falls in a state with restrictions or closures, we are available to reschedule and move your event to a later date, without any penalties or issues--provided 

the new date is available on on our books. Your pricing will remain intact and so will 100% of your deposit.


We are extending our "summer roll back" at this time for ALL previously booked dates which fall between now and June 1st, 2020.

Nothing is required for this, as we will automatically reach out to each and every one of you one week prior to your event date, to see what you wish to do and what course of action you desire as your date grows closer.


We are very happy to have already done roll backs for several of our guests and we want you to know we are here for you, during this difficult time.  


We were very fortunate here in Vegas to have our leaders put our town on "pause" early and feel it has added to our success rate of keeping this virus lower than most of our neighboring states, at present.  

We do expect Vegas to be up and running ahead of the most other high volume destinations, due to this fact.


If anyone is interested in a NEW booking, we are also still taking those as well --and we are extending our "summer roll back" to NEW bookings (which fall between todays date and June 1st, 2020). So book with confidence, we are still reserving dates while also allowing our clients flexibility for the coming months.


Please be safe --we are looking forward to celebrating with you when these challenging weeks are behind us.

Feel free to drop a line if you have any questions about your event or details on booking a future one. 


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